Feedback is clearly a skill that needs to be practiced by any team, but is especially important for Agile teams because they are typically more self directed. This means that they must find ways to RECEIVE and give feedback to one another, with the goal of helping the team build trust and deliver on time […]

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Creating and Changing Realities

As Senge points out in his book, The Fifth Discipline, the current processes and structures of a system are that which determines its reality (Senge, 52). Put another way, you are what you eat. Businesses and organizations often struggle with why things are they way they are, yet the obvious and simple answer is that […]

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Agile Change Leadership

Our world is changing at an astonishing rate. Globalization and technology are driving all types of change in our lives and organizations. People are becoming ever more connected yet companies are struggling to find their way. Organizations that are able to survive and thrive in this climate share key attributes according to¬† Rosabeth Moss Kanter […]

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